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Borderline L. A.
ECE / Mozart
Import Brides
Kerstin / Erwin
Masters of War
Show 2000/2001
Sichere Zukunft
We become Austrian
donna donna
Einzelhaft, 2002
Videoinstallationview, 5 min
International Biennial of Young Art , „Big Social Game“ Torino-Italy

In my installation I’m looking at one of the darker sides of our social system, whereby we are dividing our society in good and bad.
My „game“ is to change the perspective of the visitor by letting him cross the border to another side of society finding him in a prison cell. In this cell the question of guilty or not guilty is not asked anymore, left is the feeling of being imprisoned, shut away from the rest of the world.

On the table is a TV and a video player. The video shows interviews with prisoners from jails in Vienna. Only one person can enter the room at a time. A surveillance camera is fixed on top of the wall recording the visitor who is inside at that moment. Once the visitor has entered the installation the door will lock automatically behind him and only reopen after three minutes. This video is shown simultaneously in another exhibition space in a building nearby (Via Po 29).