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Traces, 2013
A Photo Project by Songül Boyraz, 2012/13
“Franz West’s studio floor is replete with traces of paint and materials.Franz was excited about this and repeatedly
had the floor photographed and reproduced in his catalogues. After his death, this floor became a symbol to me of
our work together, which I very much want to preserve. Thus, I have decided to create a photo series of it. I have
taken the original dimensions of 8 × 3 m and had the photos printed on Dibond aluminum composite panels, each
panel size comprising 100 × 100 cm. For the exhibition “A TRIBUTE TO FRANZ WEST” at Konzett Gallery in
Vienna, the panels were hung from the gallery’s ceiling, creating a ceiling work of 3 × 2 m. The work can be
adapted to multiple functions; as many panels as needed can be combined or hung in a series.”
Installation view, Gallery Konzett
Series of photos on Dibond aluminium, 8 × 3 m composed of panels 100 × 100 cm